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Water & Wastewater

While sustainable use of scarce natural resources is essential to building thriving economies, this often requires large-scale investments. To bridge such investment and technological gaps, many governments are seeking to enhance private sector participation by introducing performance-linked PPP contracts. Aiming to provide sustainable, long-term solutions to some of the greatest challenges these governments face, Vital Capital Environment (VCE) focuses on environmental infrastructure projects including water, wastewater treatment & reuse, desalination and irrigation. Sector-specific expertise and comprehensive understanding of the demands of fast-growing developing countries allow us to design timely and scalable solutions that help local, state and national governments provide clean drinking water, carry out effective waste treatment and meet other environmental needs.

Combining global experience with local expertise, Vital Capital Environment finances, develops and executes sustainable, high-impact, large-scale projects. These include public-private-partnerships (PPP), management of portfolio assets and complex turnkey projects.

Vital Capital Environment recognizes that no single entity can solve all of today’s daunting environmental challenges. To gain access to the best expertise on offer, we partner with EPC/O&M companies, technology providers, financial institutions, equity players, multilateral agencies and government bodies. By structuring successful partnerships with proper risk allocation, Vital Capital Environment ensures it can deliver comprehensive, innovative and sustainable solutions for its clients.

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