Water for All

Water for All






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Access to safe, clean and reliable drinking water remains one of the most pressing challenges facing Angola today. According to World Bank data, less than 30% of Angola’s rural population had access to an improved water source – defined as a household connection or a stationery, stable public source – in 2015. Designed as a turn-key project for the Angolan government, Water for All tackles this problem by providing the infrastructure necessary to deliver clean, safe water to over 150 villages in rural Angola. The company provides for the filtration, storage and distribution of water to a central storage facility in each village, from which it is then diverted to water fountains, showers and laundry points. Reaching over 640,000 individuals in areas particularly affected by shortages of quality water, Water for All is making a significant impact on the well-being of rural communities. In addition to reducing the risk of water-borne disease and deaths from water pollution, easy access to safe water frees communities – and women in particular – from time-consuming commutes to remote water sources, allowing them to devote more time to other value-creating activities.

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