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WaterHealth International


India & West Africa




$16 million

With its dual challenges of access and affordability, water scarcity remains one of the main issues affecting the developing world today. In the absence of safe, clean and reliable water sources, communities are at high risk of waterborne diseases, while expensive alternative solutions compound financial strain and economic insecurity. By implementing a low-cost, sustainable business model for distributing clean, affordable drinking water to vulnerable communities, WaterHealth International offers an innovative solution to this problem. WHI installs, operates and maintains water purification facilities called WaterHealth Centers (WHCs) on behalf of government, municipal, corporate and NGO clients. As part of WHIs impact model, ownership of each WHC is awarded to the local community, while WHI commits to operating and managing each facility for an extended period. Using this model, WHI has already deployed more than 500 WHCs across India and West Africa, providing over 1 million individuals with safe, affordable drinking water on a regular basis. WHI also installs water vending machines (WVMs) in railway stations in India, enabling easy access to drinking water in hundreds of locations across the country. Through our partnership with WHI, we are proud to be part of the effort to provide groundbreaking solutions to water scarcity around the world.

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