Vital Tomosi’s Dairy

Vital Tomosi’s Dairy






$14.9 million

Today one of the largest dairy processing plants in Uganda, Vital-Tomosi’s Dairy (VTD) is located in the Kiruhura District in western Uganda. This region has long been the country’s primary milk-producing area, where for centuries cattle farming has been a key cultural and economic way of life. Building on this tradition, VTD operates a fully modern dairy processing operation, sourcing 100% of its milk directly from thousands of local smallholder farmers. Sold under the MilkMan brand, the resulting output supplies the local and regional markets with high-quality, affordable milk (UHT and fresh) and yogurt. VTD hinges on local partnerships and local know-how, thus making it one of Vital’s signature investments. Since its commercial launch in November 2016, the company has captured a significant share of the local yogurt market and continues to make strides towards replacing expensive imported dairy products with high-quality, low-cost local alternatives.

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