Luanda Medical Center

Luanda Medical Center






$22.3 million




Angola’s health system suffers from a lack of human and institutional capacity and a scarcity of diagnostic medical devices. This deficit makes healthcare a privilege, available only to a minority of the population with the financial means to seek such services abroad. Launched in 2015, Luanda Medical Center is world-class private medical clinic focused on bringing international-quality healthcare at affordable prices to a wide Angolan public. LMC provides diagnostic services, screening and preventive care, ambulatory procedures, maternal care and treatment of chronic diseases – services that have historically been unattainable to most Angolans. Through investment in high-end technologies including X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI, LMC has dramatically increased diagnostic capabilities in Luanda. Thousands of people are now treated at LMC each month, many of whom receive access to its services via public health insurance. Having already received accolades in the impact investing community, LMC is redefining the Angolan medical landscape by building the capacity to provide quality care all over Angola, to people of all ages and socio-economic levels.

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