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In 2016, Kora Angola welcomed the first 2,000 families into their new homes in Lossambo, one of 14 urban housing communities being developed by Kora in various regions of Angola. Kora is an innovative initiative aimed at tackling a serious shortage of affordable and well-designed housing in Angola. Kora’s urban communities offer residents access to on-site healthcare services and education facilities, reliable provision of clean water and electricity, as well as the benefits of living in a safe and community-oriented environment. Residents also have the opportunity to buy their own homes at half the market price. Once completed, the 14 communities planned by Kora will offer a total of 40,000 modern, affordable housing units for 240,000 Angolans from the emerging middle class. Designed by renowned sustainable architect Jaime Lerner, these communities benefit from an open, attractive layout designed to invite use of public space and allow residents easy access to public facilities. As our largest, most ambitious investment, Kora aims to make a deep, lasting impact in the lives of people all over Angola. By situating the communities in different regions around the country, Kora is contributing to much-needed development of far-flung rural areas. By supplying a solution to the fundamental problem of housing, Kora aims to provide each resident with a springboard for their educational, professional and personal goals, thus working towards an all-round increase in opportunity for the next generation. With its work recognized by GIIRS through repeated Platinum ratings, the company is well on its way to achieving this goal.

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