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Aldeia Nova’s agro-industrial model fuses agricultural production with service provision and social development. Its principal service is supporting local communities of farmers in poultry and dairy production, simultaneously addressing local dietary protein shortages and underemployment, developing local know-how and revitalizing a rural province. Located in Waku Kungo, Angola, Aldeia Nova (‘New Village’ in Portuguese) operates a large-scale agro-industrial centre that supports communities of outgrower farmers and their families by providing them with all required inputs for production, including animal feed, mechanical equipment, processing and packaging facilities, as well as professional services and infrastructure. The company purchases 100% of the resulting production, which is then processed, packaged and marketed to be sold downstream by the company. The company’s high-quality products, including eggs, dairy and poultry, offer quality import-substitution and provide increased food security for the local population and the region as a whole. In addition to substantially increasing income and income stability, Aldeia Nova lays the foundation for the farmers to thrive in the long term by investing in their economic and commercial literacy. Jobs and contracting opportunities arising from Aldeia Nova’s presence in the region add a further dimension to the company’s impact, deepening its significant contribution to the economic and social development of the region. Currently Aldeia Nova produces 250,000 eggs per day, accounting for roughly 25% of national egg production.

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