of our capital is invested
in impact


individuals annually receive
essential products or services
through Vital’s investments


in local purchases made by
portfolio companies
(of which $83.2M paid directly to smallholder farmers)

Our Impact Mission

At the core of every investment and decision we make at Vital is our impact mission. Our goal is to improve economic, personal and social well-being for low and middle-income communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Improved economic, personal and
social well-being for low and middle-income
communities in sub-Saharan Africa

Consult our latest report, Evolving Impact, for more insights on our transformation to a mission driven approach.

An Outcome Based Approach

Refining our focus, we have broken down our mission into four distinct but interrelated outcomes. We believe that investing in businesses that tackle these four broad themes will feed directly into tangible improvements in the economic, personal and social well-being of our target populations.

Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials

Increased access to food, clean water, healthcare, housing and other essentials which are currently inaccessible (unaffordable or unavailable) to our target communities

Vital Employment

Increased quality skilled and unskilled job opportunities to improve economic well-being and social mobility

Vital Employment
Vital Capabilities

Vital Capabilities

Increased local capacity and know-how which will result in sustainable, long-term improvement in well-being

Vital Infrastructure

Improved infrastructure to provide for safe, connected and sustainable environments which facilitate economic growth and improved well-being

Vital Infrastructure

Managing Impact

Translating our approach into practice, we have established an investment process that integrates impact considerations at every stage. Industry-standard benchmarks as well as proprietary tools help us to evaluate each investment in terms of its potential and actual, short- and long-term impact. 

Screening & Profiling

Gating Factors

Profit Orientation Responsible Investment


Impact Profiling

Vital Impact Diamond

Monitoring & Measurements


Internal KPI’s



Long term impact assesments

The Vital Impact Diamond

Used at both the screening and management stages, the Vital Impact Diamond profiles each investment with respect to four criteria: essentiality, beneficiaries, locality and intrinsic impact. By asking to what extent an investment is targeting a pressing need and contributing to the development of a particular area and population, we ensure that each investment contributes to our overall impact mission.


Impact Measurement and Results

Measuring the impact of our investments is key to our ongoing efforts to improve and refine our approach. We use internal KPIs for both output and some outcome-level data, GIIRS (Global Impact Investing Rating System) evaluations as a third-party verification of our performance, as well as dedicated, bespoke evaluations per portfolio company.

Impact Measurement and Results

Recently, we also developed our own methodology for evaluating the Fund’s contribution to the global effort surrounding the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which we see as the guiding torch for positive development.

Goal 1
No Poverty
Goal 2
Zero Hunger
Goal 3
Good Health & Well-being
Goal 4
Quality Education
Goal 5
Gender Equality
Goal 6
Clean Water & Sanitation
Goal 7
Affordable & Clean Energy
Goal 8
Decent Work & Economic Growth
Goal 9
Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Goal 10
Reduced Inequalities
Goal 11
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Goal 12
Responsible Consumption & Production
Goal 13
Climate Action
Goal 14
Life Below Water
Goal 15
Life On Land
Goal 16
Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Goal 17
Partnerships For the Goals

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